Friday, April 29, 2011

Another poem - The Core

I wrote this poem several days back. What do you think?

                                                                The Core 

I won't play with pretty, complicated words. I'll show hard rocks
Which are pretty only because they have been
Polished by years and roughened by experience
In the subtle nuances and layers of a frightened world.
The truths which are the core of my being
Appear strange to you
Because you have been subdued.
You're afraid to live, to decide, to try.
You don't want to make mistakes or be politically incorrect
To speak your mind, even to yourself.
When you start to truly feel from the core of a heart as special as your own
Then you will know what I mean
Of the unquestioned belief we have in something that just "feels" right.
And then, I trust, you will doubt no more.
You will live your life without the smoke and mirrors.
It won't be easy and much may break
Before you discover your truths.
But again, it is your truth or your risk
To see if it's worth it.
For it is unquestionably your choice to cross the canyon.
Choose, with my blessings, the path to your happiness
Where success surpasses difficulty
Where, if the peaks are higher, the smiles are richer
For I share this story not be be a messiah
But to show you the one in you.


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Vivarjitha said...

hey, it's a beautiful poem....well, howz class 12....???
never expected it to be so's actually fun....i m glad that i took up cbse....and's cool too....hope u hav a gr8 time....gud luck...!!!!

Charu said...

Sorry I'm reply so late, Vivarjitha!
Glad you like my poem :)
Congrats on enjoying yourself in 12th class science! I hope you'll continue enjoying yourself for the rest of the year :)

nurturing every day every inch_sugandha said...

a very thought provoking poem!
simple yet awakening!!

Charu said...

@Sugandha: Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)