Friday, April 22, 2011

So, what's 12th class like?

I know I was curious before I'd started 12th.

Our batch started with a week of extra classes. No matter how many times we'd all heard that syllabus had to be finished by November, we didn't quite grasp the idea until classes actually began. Because it came as a rude shock when we realised that our teachers were going at the speed of Shatabdi trains to get syllabus complete on time. Learning was on a day to day basis for a while, in which you could consider yourself lucky if you just understood what was going on in the class at the moment. School itself is all about running around with free periods spent in covering up any work we missed. Besides, with tuitions, huge amounts of homework on deadline, personal stuff like mood swings and colds, getting time for self-study was a challenge. And this just made me realise its significance even more. I even went through a slightly hysterical phase when I fretted and whined that because I wasn't studying, I would fail! And of course, exams cannot be avoided...we have them from the 2nd!

But if nothing else, this made me relax. Talking to others (especially the science and commerce students who have tuitions every day of the week) made me feel better. I certainly wasn't alone in finishing with pens at an alarming rate :P Besides, it was a bonus to realise that we had plenty of holidays in this week and the last one, which gave us time to finish our work. I'll admit though, it takes a little getting used to, doing so much hard work. And there's that intimidating thought of going soon to shop for reference books. Intimidating because it'll seal our fate for the rest of the year. But then again, we're already making so many registers for every subject.*Sigh* Buried in books...

That was in general, what about each subject? As it turns out, there's something to say for each one. Political science is a total rush. Literally. Our teacher is aiming to "train our writing muscles" by dictating extremely fast. And by virtue of that, she's already due to finish 6 chapters before the summer holidays. Geography is a little better, because syllabus is pretty close to what we did in 10th and is not really hard. English is fairly interesting, though not being allowed to have your own opinion is a little annoying; We'll have to write the CBSE perception of the chapter to get marks. Maths is pretty funny because even if you can do it, sometimes, it just doesn't make sense! Economics is probably the best, because we're finally getting all the "conceptual" understanding we've wanted for years instead of just having to mug things up. That doesn't make it easy though, since syllabus is huge.

So I've also realised that no subject can be taken lightly, especially in the beginning. Apparently, it was literally true when our teachers told us that we shouldn't take a single holiday, because it becomes difficult to cover up later. But enough about studies, let me turn to something more exciting.

I'm contesting for Head Girl in the senior prefectorial board! Though I was and still am very excited about the possibility, I was overwhelmed by the amount of good wishes and congratulations I got. To anyone who wished me, thanks! You guys really help me love myself and my life *wide smile*

My tip to all 12th graders and anyone wondering about 12th: It's great if you care about your studies, but don't underestimate the value of breaks. They're good for you and your studies! And remember to keep achieving. Your little goals are important, whether it's to write something new, make a new friend, sing a new song or try something new. A sense of achievement and confidence will, I think, really help you pull through 12th class. Don't forget yourself in your studies! And keep yourself happy :-)

I don't quite know how, but as the week progressed, I'm feeling much better now. Guess there's a lot of truth in the saying " When you accept and embrace the things that are good for you instead of fighting them, life gets a lot easier " Said just now by me, of course ;)

A new approach to studies :D

Signing off optimistically before a new week, which promises to be even more hectic than than the last
Wishing you lots of smiles ahead

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Vaniteshwar said...

the pol science teacher will probably rupture our"writing muscles" by the end of this year :/
maths never makes sense XD
glad to know econ isn't bad!
i don't see the point of studying english if we aren't allowed to express our opnion!
take care dudeeee!

Charu said...

@Vaniteshwar: Awesome of you to comment so quickly. Warms my heart :)

Rupture our writing muscle seems right, ugh :(

The trouble with maths is, even if it doesn't make sense, you still have to grapple with it :|

And even I was glad that econ isn't bad. Such a relief!

Totally with you on the english. Hi-five!

Take care and best of luck to you too :D

Vaniteshwar said...

@charu- i left math a long time back and i'm haaaaaaaaaapy :D

we'll have to start studying like mad people :(