Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things as they are

Finals coming up, projects to submit, a competition unprepared for, tuition tests, vivas and practicals to worry for...Sigh, life sure is peaceful. Especially for a person like me. Every moment not doing something "productive" brings a little guilt. Regular, time-pass activities feel criminal and homework seems everlasting. Only twenty days to go for exams.

Interesting event of today:

We were discussing the definition of statistics and our teacher was dictating answers. I had on my desk two notebooks. Every one of her pauses was a frantic rush to write as much as possible about the development experiences of India, China and Pakistan. And my juggling of notebooks was going on at the very front desk. 

I'm writing this just as I returned from tuition. I've been feeling pretty stressed lately just brooding. That's when I noticed

Two birds gliding very, very high up, as if they consider themselves above trivial matters like exams.

Some leaves waving in the wind as if, despite being girt by pollution, they'd not forgotten to enjoy life.

The sun shining bright  and supporting life as it always does, though things have changed dramatically in the millions of years he's been shining.

The sunlight itself, shining constantly, never losing enthusiasm.

Two kitten playing on the road reminding me that I am ,after all, a kid who should have fun..

Trust nature to perk me up just a little bit.

We had the farewell in school on Saturday. Considering the standards of our school, I was impressed. Every girl (except me, welcome inferiority complex) looked great. Boys may have been trapped with the standard jeans-and-kurta or suit, but there was a blaze of colour everywhere as far as the girls were concerned. The DJ and the food was good and our basketball court suddenly became an excellent dance floor. It didn't matter is we didn't know our seniors and cameras were everywhere. But then, we were eventually kicked out of school to give the seniors their "sentimental" moment.

Bye, readers! I'll drop another update when I can.

It's not so cold now, but I've been saving this cute pic for a while :)

Image from: Lifehacker.com