Monday, April 11, 2011

An update rendered necessary

An update rendered the raindrops that just started two seconds ago. How could I neglect my readers sitting across from an April drizzle ?

How's my life been? Hard. As most of you might remember, I've started in 12th class as a Humanities student. It's only been two weeks and I'm already too tired. And exams probably start soon (i.e. no amount of time can be enough to prepare for them)

Humanities is not actually easy. If you have a passion for good general knowledge, then it would probably be down your alley. But if, like me, you don't, only you can help yourself.
In political science, Cold war was our starting point and the first thing I studied in 12th. Hmm...maybe that why studies are giving me a cold shoulder right now. But the real problem is that ma'am dictates EXTREMELY fast.      
   English is not to be taken lightly! We're supposed to make 5 registers. 1 for class work, two for self work and two for school assignments. And we've covered 3 chapters already. And on that point I might mention, teachers are going insanely fast with the course. Sure, they have to finish syllabus fast. But I'd never expected to complete two chapters of the course in a week of half day classes.
Maths is one of the wandering subjects. We started with the third chapter, went to the another and then came back to the third. It's easy so far, aside from the risk of plus-minus errors. As for Economics, it's going well for me because it's easy to understand and thus, enjoyable. But otherwise, I might actually need motivation to actually study in 12th class.

And of course, there is the amount of running around we're all doing. And the homework we're assigned. And the fatigue it's causing to our minds. I know I'm yawning by every last period. I honestly felt blessed when this weekend came. But you know weekends...never enough of them! Only the lovely weather is making me feel cheerful right now.

I wonder what the real board time will be like. Gulp.

Another example to show the amount of my stress (which has thankfully come down now) is the fact that the first library book I borrowed was the thin A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. A good stress buster actually, in a way.

And I have a debate on Wednesday for which I haven't prepared much.

Wish me luck people :) And I hope you're all doing well.

Oh and I'll be posting a poem in a few days, once I can take out some more guilt-free spare time. I thought this update should come first.

May the raindrops refresh you too...


Venice said...

Hi Charu... your school posts always remind me of my own school days :) Only thing was that, I didn't have Maths in my Humanities class. English was my fav. subject!! Eco is cool too... anyway, good luck with your studies and your debate!

Cheers :)

nil said...

Hello! I'm so sorry to be on an anti-commenting spree lately, but I swear I dont find the time :| I read most of the blogs, but commenting just seems to be on the cold side haha!
and OMG i do agree about the dictating fast part, hell POL SC GETS CRAZZZY!
and ugh. I have no idea how are we going to catch up with the whole syllabus looking at the speed of teh teachers :/

and ALL THE BEST for your debate, am sure you'll crack it! :)

Charu said...

@Venice: Hi Venice! I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I picked maths to go with my Eco and as of now, I'm glad I did. And thanks so much for the good luck. I'll need it!

@Nil: Yay you commented on my blog!
And yes, only a fellow 12thee can know my pain *fake swoon* I don't even want to think about the next few months.
Thanks for the wishes for my debate :)
Oh and by the way, the new profile pic is really pretty ;)