Monday, May 16, 2011

Missed me? Welcome Summer Holidays!

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It's been a while since I updated my blog; Two weeks and three days in fact. Events in these two weeks have been plenty exciting and though I won't mention all of them, I'm sure you'll forgive me. Lots of things had captured my attention and to be honest, I'm glad with the way I've pulled through.

My diary mentions the following significant events:

  • Being elected as President Student Council of my school and liking my photo in the Investiture ceremony
  • Discovering that I badly need a break from studies and from my whole environment
  • Studying grudgingly for my first unit tests of 12th class
  • My grumbling about the hot weather
  • The Talent Hunt which, despite making me sad with my performance, strongly highlighted where I needed to improve
  • My receiving happily the Unit Test papers in which I had done well 
  • My realising, after the first Student Parliament in school, that the power holders are always attacked with criticism and complaints and most importantly
  • Discovering in daily life many of the learnings that I've been ignoring
But for now, I'm in my Summer Holidays! An amazing block of time that officially started on the 14th and will end on the 4th of July. I have big plans this time, especially considering that these will be my last summer holidays  in school ever again (another curse of 12th class). I'll write an ode on missing and leaving them behind another time though. For now, I want to focus on the possibilities.

I could while away my days watching TV, following little whims and fancies throughout the day, randomly surfing on the net and all the other procrastination-based tasks aimed at one thing: escaping the secret fear that I have nothing to do. While the whole day stretches with the nothingness from which things are made, I stand baffled while my inner critic rules out one option after another, helped by my lazy side. Eventually, I would have forced myself to make some trifling achievements (courtesy of my mood swings), enjoyed a few sundry events(courtesy of my luck), but I would feel bad that I didn't reach my potential. And the worst part, that I wasn't in enough control.

The thing about summer holidays is, it leaves you with yourself...if you choose. So what's the cure? Don't be alone. Be intensely with the world, even if you're by yourself. If you feel yourself as part of the world, you won't be lonely. And not being lonely gives you the motivation for a lot of things right? After all, time hasn't stopped. You just have an opportunity to realise it in a new way, on your own terms.

So what are these big plans I'm alluding to? Studies obviously are part of the plan (it's 12th, go figure). I even had to cancel an exciting trip to Cuttack with friends to hang around in Maths tuition. Ah well. But I plan to make it worth it. So my first challenge is: Make maths fun. Gulp.

Other challenges related to studies include completing my holiday homework in a low-stress and actually useful way, you know, with really learning something along the way. And this is a challenge only because I'm a chronic last-minute-work-completer. Added to that is the tall order of doing self study every day (too much italics?)

But my really fun plans are the ones which involve my hobbies and explorations. I plan to work on piano and writing, read new books, watch new movies, visit friends and finally sit down and research career options. Yeah, that's a lot to do. But I've got my last (and hopefully best) summer vacation to do it.

And you know why I'm writing all this down? To make sure I stick to it. Having it published on my blog does add an ounce of resolution to my mission. So wish me luck readers! I'll be back later this week with another post.

To all other students, wish you an awesome vacation ahead :)


Thousif Raza said...

i wish u have an awesome awesome summer ahead :)

n yes this bloke is back on the blogging circuit , n u have a speacial mention n r one of the heroines in my post ;)

cu sooon...

take care and keep writing...........

Charu said...

@Thousif: TTTTHHHHHOOOOUUUUSSSIIIFFF!!! So awesome that you're back :) And on my blog too :) :)
Am on my way to your blog...!

Venice said...

Hi Charu, first of all happy holidays!!! second, Congrats on being President of Student Council :) It sure is quite a huge responsibility! And wow, what a list!! :D Good going with all of it... and yeah you're right, once all this is on your blog - it adds to the impetus to follow up with your plans :)

Have loads of fun!!!

Charu said...

@Venice:Thank you! And yes, I really do hope to follow up on all my plans :)

Vivarjitha said... good luck ....hav a wonderful vacation's getting over on 9th of i'll be away for the entire month...'cause we have a tight schedule of exams...phew...but i guess that's the fun of class 12!!!!

Charu said...

@Vivarjitha: Thanks for all the good wishes :) Wish you best of luck for 12th too!