Sunday, August 14, 2011

My life and times

It's been quite a while since I wrote to update my readers about my life in general.

I've been staying home for a few days with viral fever. It did make me rethink a few things (like the way my perfectionism is spoiling this once in a lifetime experience of life) but the bad part is, it kind of sapped my motivation to just do things; made me a little apathetic for a while. Now I'm trying to get back and 'build my life by moments', so to speak.

12th class had kept me real busy otherwise. The studies are demanding of course. And I've been lucky enough to go for some very enjoyable competitions (and win one too!). Tuition tests hover like swords over our heads. And sometimes, you just feel like giving up.

But why give up what's been given to you? Why resist the good that's already there? Why make what could be a wonderful journey into a chore to escape from?

Why try to escape the chance to be educated, to learn to take responsibility and grow up, to achieve my own lil daydream of doing well in the board exam ?

Nah, I've got to get back to what's important. Shirking responsibility leads to problems later. Success takes work and that is what makes it valuable. Impatience and rebelliousness don't make it come faster or easier.

And this kind of self motivation is important right now. I have my half yearly exams coming. And the syllabus is HUGE. There's lots of work to be done and I have to start somewhere.

And aside from that, I have two important debates to work for. Wish me luck and thanks for reading! I'll try to be back with some more poems and articles soon :)

Need to decide something...and get started.

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poem - Living with life

I wrote this one in school a few weeks back. What do you think?

Living with life

What does it matter if I'm surrounded by thousands?
When I see no smile, no wave, no wink?
Empty corridors, busy people
No one reaches out.
Out of class, by myself, I feel no camaraderie.
My friends are far away.
I am wandering lost.
No shapes in the clouds, no bird songs.
How do I believe the goodness of humankind?
I've heard of it
Stories, myths, legends,the experiences of others
Are my efforts in vain?
Must I return to the place I wish to leave
Feel tears in my eyes? Take retreat, defeat?
Who am I really, tiny in the vast reaches
My head and so my world is small.
Solitude may be enjoyable, but loneliness?
Can a person be both good and bad?
Can such a person learn to make the best of everything else?
I cannot hurry learning
But I must learn to live...with life.

 - Charu 

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P.S. A very warm welcome to my newest follower Saru Singhal. I hope you'll enjoy reading my blog :)