Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another poem - Brain waves

I'd planned to put up a different poem today. But it doesn't feel ready yet, like I'm not finding the right words still. So I'm uploading this one which I wrote today morning. What do you think?

Brain Waves

You see, it's hard
To tell you what I want to say.
If I could I would
But since I can't, I won't.
Because there's too many, too much
Of thoughts and movement.
How can I keep up?
With bits and pieces of past, present and future
Memories, dreams, emotions, beliefs
And the time around me that races on
Moment by moment.
I tried sitting quietly
But that just makes it louder.
With millions of threads of thoughts
Nagging for attention,
I can't even follow one
To its source or its end.
Before I'm stopped by another, which promises more.
I need focus, I need peace.
I need the vision to see clearly from above.
I need a compass to show me the way
To get the most done
Before my mind runs wild,
Fruitlessly, in the jungle of my thoughts.


Think of the number of drops which make up that wave...


Vaniteshwar said...

your poems never cease to amaze me!:)

Charu said...

*blush* Thanks vanita :) :) :)