Saturday, May 21, 2011


A delightful dust storm is blowing up. After so many days of hot summer, it's a real treat to even have to have the  prospect of good rains.

When the horizon is covered by grey clouds and the air appears in sepia tones so that even the erstwhile sunny morning looks like evening, it's a joyous occasion.

Do you like the rain?

*Sigh* the fresh cool wind. Have you felt it?

The exciting thought that any minute, the clouds will burst. The patience until it does.

The flapping curtains, the clothes waving on the clothesline.

The feeling that your mind has reached a high place.

The tree leaves as they dance and sing.

The birds frantically searching for shelter or flying freely in their element, however you look at it

A tiny drizzle of raindrops teasing and easing us into playfulness

Bird calls, noises and the brightness of a new day, whatever the time is

Every gust of that fresh, cool wind that comes from who knows where and simply exists

The thick clouds, hiding the sun and the sky, but helping us find that special place in our hearts.

Remembering the good times that lift up our hearts

Celebrating the fact that there must be so many others all over the world who thrill with the rains

Feeling a touch of inexpressible joy and sweetness, no matter how it turns out.

Oh, who can resist it?

--- And if this post seems different from what I normally write, hope you like it! Enjoy your day :-)

Feels perfect for the rains!

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Vaniteshwar said...

sigh....i loove rain <3

and beautifully written Charu :)
:D take care

Charu said...

@Vaniteshwar: I'm replying kind of late right? >_< . But hopefully you appreciate the new blog improvements I've been spending my time on instead.
Thanks for the claps, makes my day whenever I imagine them ;)