Thursday, January 13, 2011

It was cold !

A lot's been happening between my last post and this one. Books, music, movies and commitments have had my brain in a whirl. And looking back, these holidays have been exciting.

I visited the British Council Library at CP for the first time (had some absolutely heavenly aloo chaat outside it too!) and visited the Delhi Book Fair on the same day. I wandered around all day with wide eyes and untiring feet and ended up buying...nothing (classic move). Celebrated the new year with cake. Did some *gasp* study. Spent some free time in the school library near my house. Did some shopping. Read plenty of blog posts, with or without commenting. Worked a lot on the computer. Lazed around at home. That about covers the main stuff and today's the last day of my winter vacations. Tomorrow I have an Economics exam I feel unprepared for. But I am excited that school is FINALLY starting again. 

The main discussion topic everywhere was the winter chill. The sun seemed to be going on hibernation now and then. It was very windy most of the time and it still is a little cold inside the house and out. No one felt like coming out of the blankets in the morning and my 6:30 wakeup time went straight to 8:30 (And yes, I know even that is considered early by most students). The sun set early and wherever the heater was became a second home for most people. 

I haven't written much during the vacations. I'd fallen into the trap of over thinking the process of writing. I'll have to work on getting back to it somehow. But in the meantime, I would like to share this poem I came across. Hope you like it!

How to leave the world that worships should 
Let faxes butter-curl on dusty shelves.
Let junkmail build its castles in the hush
of other people’s halls. Let deadlines burst
and flash like glorious fireworks somewhere else.
As hours go softly by, let others curse
the roads where distant drivers queue like sheep.
Let e-mails fly like panicked, tiny birds.
Let phones, unanswered, ring themselves to sleep.

Above, the sky unrolls its telegram,
immense and wordless, simply understood:
you’ve made your mark like birdtracks in the sand -
now make the air in your lungs your livelihood.
See how each wave arrives at last to heave
itself upon the beach and vanish. Breathe.
Seaside Sonnets by Ros Barber

Nice, isn't it? And as a little bit of trivia, this is iambic pentameter, kind of like what Shakespeare wrote :)

In other news, I'm planning to revive and finally finish my ten part series on working for the environment. But I know that if the posts aren't regular, it won't be as much fun. So this time, I'll write the remaining 5 parts first, and then post them one after another. I'll also change the format by adding some links, videos, audio etc. to make it more interesting. 

Nothing much else to share, so I'll stop here. Better go and revise for my exam tomorrow

What will this year bring?

Wish you loads of laughter and happiness in this new year :)

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Vivarjitha said... seems like ur having a gud time...gud luck...hope u hav a gr8 yr ahead..!!!!

Vanita said...

nice poem!!

Charu said...

@vivarjitha: Good luck and best wishes to you too!

@Vanita: Hi Vanita! Nice to see you here. Glad to see you liked the poem and hope to keep seeing you!

Thousif Raza said...

swt swt swt... i hope ur exams went well :)... its always nice to hear from u and thank you so much for the praise for my poem :)...

take care and keep writing.........

Venice said...

Hi Charu, first of all, I'm really Sorry that I haven't commented much here... I've been so busy and in the meantime you've written such nice, sweet posts... your posts on school stuff really took me back to my school days - all those practice sessions for sports day and all :D

Anyway, it's nice to read your posts and Oh, that poem by Ros Barber was really good - Thanks for sharing it!

Hope you're exams went/are going well!!


Venice :)

Charu said...

@Thousif: Sorry I took a while in replying. Glad you enjoy hearing from me...and I sure enjoy hearing back :)

And as for your poem, it definitely deserved the praise. Keep writing :)

@Venice: Awwww, it's alright! Everyone's busy these days. Thanks so much for finally commenting. I really appreciate it :)

Glad you like the post and that you liked the poem by Ros barber. I liked it a lot too.

Yep, my exams did go well after all. But now, inevitably, I have finals coming. So thanks for the best wishes!