Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not much to say :(

Dear readers, I'm sorry. My writing gene seems to have shrivelled up and gone on holiday lately. Though I'm penning down any ideas as they come, the drive and will to write them out is missing. Call it laziness, being overworked or writer's block, it'll be a while before I can pen you something fresh. So for now, here's a poem I'd written earlier on the topic of Nuclear weapons. Could I have some feedback?

                                            Hear the call to be free

My life was a dream I didn’t appreciate
With beauty, life and happiness I didn’t create
Without asking, I had been granted
That the sun was shining and the trees had been planted.
Then what went wrong, what was my crime?
That the rivers dried up and were coated in grime
That the sun felt cold and the birds wouldn’t sing
That we no longer knew the joy a home could bring.

Life was a struggle and there was daily pain
Toiling for answers in the hot sun left us drained
The places I had known my entire life
Were all sacrificed for someone’s else’s strife
But it was not only buildings that were ground into dust
We lost our hopes, our dreams and our trust
Oft repeated as that is, things will never be the same
Especially when people close to you have gone blind or deaf or lame

Life and love were torn away
Many journeys and meetings went astray
Fresh rain can’t wash away the dirt left behind
New grass can’t make us forget the sadness, the hurt in our minds
Our live are diseased, polluted forever
Even now when we’re older, matured and clever
Questions we can’t answer and the nightmares of our youth
Still haunt us today despite others’ ruth

Consider this please, consider the cost
Consider what all will be lost
The people, the conditions, the things you value will be gone
And then you’ll have to start again and move on
Stop this destruction from ruining your days
Say no to nuclear weapons and make others change their ways
Remember, only differences in thinking shouldn’t cause it all
When all it takes is to hear the call.

                                      -  Charu

I've been pretty busy handling republic day celebrations, sports day, homework and self reproach. I'm trying to catch up on reading and actual studying. And there's like a hundred different things running through my mind at the same time, so things in my life are a little strained.

Most interesting event lately: Being reminded over and over that I'll soon be in 12th a.k.a. board year. Boo!

Yeah, I'm not even feeling at ease. Emotions have been running high this last week with anger, self-annoyance and some moments of happiness. But now that the weekend is here, I'm feeling much better. Finally I'll be able to do some actual study, the reason for which I go to school. And I'll get to face to projects which count in my finals. And my eyes feel sore already.

Wish me luck in the new week. And the same to all my readers too :)

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AS said...

Nice :). Liked the way you put up a topic as grave as Nuclear.

Charu said...

@AS: Hello! Nice to see someone new on my blog. Thanks for commenting and glad you liked my poem :)

nil said...

Eiii Charu! Sorry about missing out on so much girl! That was well written, I agree with AS, the topic sure did intrigue a read :)

Charu said...

@Nil: Wait with bated breath to see whether I forgive you...

Breathe :)

Glad you liked the poem :)

Vivarjitha said...

it's a rely gud one...!!!
hope u have a better time....things hav been similar for let's hope we hav a fine time!!!

Charu said...

@Vivarjitha: Glad you like the poem :)

Thanks for the wishes and wish you all the best as well!

Thousif Raza said...

you had me with the first line of the poem, i loved the poem, it is so great i love it so so much charu... really. its very beautiful :)...

take care and keep writing.......

Charu said...

@Thousif: Thank you, thank you, thank you Thousif! I'm so glad you enjoyed the poem so much :)