Monday, December 27, 2010

An impulse post...

Once again, life is busy. Our school's Annual Day is coming up. And based on the annual tradition, here are some of the "rules" of the annual day:

1. Study goes from full to nil in a week. Students run off to practise (or pretend to) and teachers go over to help them practise (!)
2. There's no better time in the year to socialize and catch up with friends whom you haven't seen in a while
3. After a point, you give up on working harder and harder and focus on peace of mind instead
4. You get used to hearing "didi" and "bhaiya" when you're working with your juniors
5. If you're considered responsible at all, you're wanted on special service by half a dozen teachers
6. You discover that running up and down the stairs with papers in hand is an excellent way to work out
7. You find all kinds of freebies everywhere including, wait for cake
8. Teachers act very, VERY different all of a sudden, some acting joyous, and others, snappish
9. You sometimes feel like a doormat, before you forget it and get into school spirit again
10. Once the decoration work and rehearsals start, confusion reigns supreme !

My main contribution this time has been to train the NCC cadets. I've been working hard everyday (even out of school) to get them into shape. We have to train groups of them to greet the chief guest when he arrives. And believe me, it's no easy task.You're having to deal with students from  from 7th to 10th class by teaching them how to turn, stand at attention and go through different motions as well as keeping them disciplined. You're practically guaranteed the following if you want a good outcome: throats hoarse from shouting, ears tired from hearing complaints, legs tired with running here and there to get things going, irritation from idiots shouting taunts and brains overworked with stress. Me and the other commanders had our lows, when we felt so depressed that we felt like quitting. We had some highs where we thought it could still be salvaged. But now we're trying for a more practical approach. This is the net result of our hopes, dreams and efforts. We can do our best and then hope for the best. If we're disappointed, well, we'll all be pretty hurt for a while, but ultimately, there's no logical reason to blame ourselves too much. The experience was worth it and we can only hope that it will be as memorable for the cadets as it was for us. NCC has a special place in our hearts and we only hope that the spirit will be carried forward by the young students whom we trained this time.

It's been tricky to keep up with classroom studies and practices. Luckily, the teachers and my fellow students have been wonderfully understanding, so I didn't have much trouble. In the meantime, there are enough theatrics everywhere to keep us amused. Especially from watching rehearsals which is a great source of laughs and jokes - Right from the my home turf, the NCC, to the drama and choir rehearsals, and even at random moments in the corridors. From prizewinners to participants, everyone is part of it!

But in a few days, it'll all be over and it'll be the start of the winter vacations. Another in the line, *Sigh*

I'm not saying that we don't need vacations. A student's life is incomplete without holidays to laze around in, right? And in this winter cold, who wants to freeze themselves by going to school? But we've just had so MANY holidays this year. Summer vacations, autumn break, commonwealth holidays and of course, public holidays with weekends. Last session, I'd had enough of sitting home for two months before my boards. I really think I've had enough of holidays for a while now. Actual study is getting interrupted again and again when we have exams early in 11th class. Do we need another vacation? Ah well, better find some way not to get bored. Best of luck to me!

I'll also confess I'm really nervous about 12th, or rather, after 12th coming closer. Last year of school, boards, career, alma mater, college and other such topics run through my mind like cunning hunters. As if they're just waiting for me to mess up.( Yeah, I take on a lot of advance pressure, any tips from my readers? )

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead  :)

Cheers, people!

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Vivarjitha said...

yeah..u r points abt the annual day...juz the same in my case...
and yeah...12th is freaking me out...every moment my mom keeps saying this..."no more of friends and fun next yr...only studies...blah..and more"...
i AM waiting for the 12th....but juz nervous...!!!!

Remya said...

Hahaaaaah! You echoed the screams in my head.
True everything about the annual day, man.
And yes, you people have been working shit hard too. So Im thinking a grand success when it comes done to the NCC.
Choir's crapped though. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. Or else all your training gone waste.
*Crossed Fingers*
Take care :)

Charu said...

@vivarjitha: Yeah, some student emotions are universal :D
Seriously though, 12th isn't far off. And no wonder we're nervous. It has quite a reputation.

@Remya: This reply is kind of...late. Yeah.
Glad to know it accurately reminded you of the Annual Day.
You might call me a total cynic, but the NCC wasn't up to my standards. Ah well, next session's my last shot at commanding.
Choir sounded fairly good to me. Seeing the way practices were going, I'm surprised the Annual day went off this well.
And yes, we were very glad it didn't rain. We were quite stressed out that evening by the very thought.