Friday, December 17, 2010

Hi everyone!

And I'm baaaaaaacccccckkkkkk!

Yes, after about two months of staying away, I'm back. I've updated the blog with a new post and a new template. In this last month before the new year, I'll have enough time to update my blog more often. And yes, I probably deserve to be punished anyway.

*Stands up bravely for the virtual storm of tomatoes, potatoes, eggs etc.*

Yeah, I've been EXTREMELY negligent these last few months. (BTW, Anyone miss me?)

And yes, I have been feeling very very guilty too. So moving on. 

Life's been crazy busy these last few months. My reasons for not updating my blog kept changing with time. Here's a condensed list:

1. Procrastination
2. An on-off obsession with productivity, which stopped me from accessing the net for a days at a time
3. Teachers adding lots of unofficial tasks 
4. Trying to build up a chain of posts which would release one after another so I wouldn't have to worry about updating
5. Using my computer time to explore other subjects like writing better, public speaking, music, books, movies etc.
6. Working hard for a chain of inter school competitions 
7. Things in every sphere of life were fast and one day led to another.

But like I said, I'm sorry to all my readers. You guys are the reason I developed some confidence and interest in my writing skills. Thanks for waiting so patiently until this post.

So as a compensation, here's one of my poems. (I wrote it about two months ago) Hope you'll like it! 

Before the sun rose

In this dawn time, things are quite still
Except for the occasional passing car and the delicate calls of early birds
One lone streetlight still shines
Even as the light blue sky and its white moon fade, forgotten
To be replaced by a golden tinge along the horizon

That orange arc far away reminds me that the real sun will rise soon
Leaving but pale memories of these tinges and arcs
And while some have woken to meet the sun
Others slumber, waiting for a different reminder of the new day

As the time passes, I see flocks of birds and more cars
I see trucks, vegetable sellers and newspaper boys
But few people look around, busy in fulfilling the purpose for which they had risen
Except the many folks out for their morning walks
And cute dogs going for their own

So far, the tree leaves have been quite still
They barely even fluttered with the breeze
As if they, the heavy sleepers, the perpetual workers
Were not to be disturbed

I look up once more from my writing
Birds are flying past the blending colours
The soft spectrums of yellow, brown, orange and blue along the horizon
As if they are part of them, painted by an artist

It is silent once more and I’m alone on my balcony
But a bird on the streetlight calls out to me
It comforts me, saying that even in the chaos of humanity
I will find nature and its beauty, if I look

As the sparkling crimson makes me turn to gaze
She flutters away after her friends
And I run in to my studies.

- Charu

Imagine nature and humanity together...

Well, It's time to go to all the blog posts which I read recently, but didn't comment on. Cheers people!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D Glad to be back ;)


(P.S. - I'd like to avoid any copyright complications. This image I used was taken from and originally came from the Flickr page here


Vivarjitha said...

first....i luv ur missed u a LOT.....and next....glad u r bak at ur list of heavy load.....i know...11th is so taxing.....and last....LUV the poem....luv ur blog!!!!!

pRasad said...

Welcome back..

Nice poem..Liked it :)

Hope to see your next post soon..

Charu said...

@Vivarjitha: Thanks! Thanks for everything! And yes, 11th certainly is taxing, even in Humanities.

@pRasad: Glad to have you back on my blog. Glad you liked the poem. Will try to put up a new post soon.

Vivarjitha said...

u r welcome....hav fun...merry christmas and a happy fun-filled new yr!!!!