Saturday, February 6, 2010

My first ever blog post

Hello! Welcome to my first ever blog post. Months ago, I was introduced to the world of blogging, by my friend, N. I've been actively following her blog since last year, and I'd toyed with the idea of launching my own. But then, I always wondered, what could I possibly write about? How can I compare myself with the best whom I know and admire?
It took a while before I remembered a favourite quote,
"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Instead seek what they sought " - Matsuo Basho
What am I seeking? A vent? an experience of something new? confidence? I don't know.

Well, whatever it is, welcome to my blog. And as per a request by N, here is something I wrote recently:

One of the worst things to do in love is to impose. When we love a person too much, we start thinking them to be like us, to think like us, or to love us so deeply that they would have no problem accommodating themselves to our wishes. We forget that, ultimately, a person is single unique and different. Love must soar like a free bird, not be locked in a cage and admired for its beauty. True, it hurts when someone we love does something which displeases us, but what we must remember is that love is about acceptance - of people, facts and life. Blackmailing or wounding a person to get your will is worse than a band aid solution, because t rankles in one's heart forever and is difficult to forget. Love is about true respect for another's character, identity and qualities. Besides, love is not something to be measured. Love, in all its forms is unique and special. Asking people to stifle themselves or their love is asking them to lock away a part of themselves, leaving an un-fillable void behind. A void which affects everything - their conceptions, their sense of self, their love for everything else, their trust and faith, and much else. One should also remember that in true love, hurt is never on only one side, for many things are torn apart when love causes hurt. One must never forget that no matter how many similarities, no matter how many differences, no matter how much passion, two people are ultimately two people. And it is when this knowledge, acceptance and trust in the other is reached that two people become one.

Hope to see you again soon !


Charu said...

Am just checking that the comment section is working...

The Bald Guy said...

Well, yes it is working.

Any post that has Basho in it, attracts me, automatically.

Hope you have loads and loads of fun on here.

Charu said...

@The Bald Guy: Thanks for checking ;)
Glad you liked the post. With readers like you, I'm sure I will have fun. Hope to keep seeing you !

parijata said...

You have a really beautiful blog here.

Charu said...

Thanks! Welcome to my blog.