Saturday, February 13, 2010

Glad to be proved wrong :)

Isn't it amazing that sometimes years of hearing the same thing over and over just makes us used to it, but suddenly just one thing can make us really feel it?
As you've probably guessed, I've found myself in this situation. Only this time,. the thing I've felt is contradictory my earlier beliefs. It has shown me how wrong I was and has given me fresh hope that there is something I can still do.
You see, just today morning I was reading the Hindustan Times. It recently started a series on young people who were doing something for the environment. Yesterday, it featured a Class VIII student who was trying to save Olive Ridley turtles after seeing them on a vacation. Today, it was a young man in Gurgaon who's started a website ( which offers easy carpooling services.
I've long felt a need to do something for our environment. Oh, I do the usual: save electricity, save water, avoid wastage, use CFL, don't use polybags etc. But I've long wanted to do something bigger. Yes, I agree it is the small steps which make up the long journeys, and no doubt there are a large number of people out there who are with me and working even harder to protect our environment. But I still feel the need to do something better, something through which I can truly feel I have contributed something in this endeavour.
These feelings particularly came about when I visited a certain website ( and realised that there's not much I can do besides spread the word and donate. What can a Delhite, not yet 18, do to help the tigers?
Well, reading this news story,  I was reminded of a long time ago when I cried that I could not do anything for global warming on a larger scale. I felt strongly that whatever small efforts I made, would be overcome by the mass of world problems and the harm caused by the ignorant or the uncaring and all of us were just looking forward to a bleak future of our own making. But now, once again I want to try. I want to do something, and feel I'm doing my part. I want to stop feeling helpless or apathetic and feel worthy.
So now, I'm going to start a 10-part series of posts alongside my normal ones. I'll try to find out what I can do to help and share my discoveries with you all. Perhaps, if we all work together, there is still something we can do, and at the very least, it can give us something to feel proud of.


Thousif Raza said...

i am so with you charu...... you write and i will spread the word too... promise.... :)

take care and keep writing..........

Charu said...

Thanks Thousif, the support means a lot. I'm sure if we all try our best, we would be able to do something . Thanks !

Remya said...

Very Nice, I'm impressed...
You always had the environmentalist side to you. Good initiative. I'd love to read the follow-up posts on this one/..:)

Charu said...

Glad you like it Remya. At least I have support when I'm trying to bring the environmentalist side out. I promise I'll start the series soon. :)