Monday, July 25, 2011

Poem - Where beauty lies

Another poem I wrote some time back. What do you think of it?

Where beauty lies

I see stars high up in the sky.
I wish I could reach them.
But it is only in dreams that I can fly
And see the stars up close.
So I search on earth for another such beauty
I see the glistening of rivers at sunset
and the sparkle of diamonds and crystal.
I see the glitter of raindrops on leaves and spiderwebs
and the twinkle of sequins stitched on clothes.
I see the shimmer of mist and fog at sunrise
and the dull sheen of smoke.
I see the brightness of the sun itself
and the glow of light bulbs
I see the spark of lightning cracks
and the flash of camera flashes.
Yes, I can reach and enjoy all these more easily than stars.
But there is a true beauty that I cannot capture anywhere except in my heart
And that is the beauty of things seen by eyes alight with wonder
and felt by hearts filled with joy.
Then the beauties of such stars
and the joys I can derive from them
are incomparable, for they are all different.


I got the pic here


The Nomad said...

very beautifully put :)

:-Dee said...

sooo mesmerising and romantic and lovely and natural... :) loved it!!!

Charu said...

@The Nomad: Thanks so much dear :)

@Dee: Nice to see you again! And I'm glad you liked the poem. Thanks for the appreciation :)

Nanka said...

Beautifully worded and presenting great imagery!!

Charu said...

@Nanka: Thank you for your compliments! Nice to see you here and I'm glad you like the poem :)

Venice said...

I love the thought behind the poem: things close to our hearts, the sweet joys and love are extremely beautiful! Plus I loved the line "the twinkle of sequins stitched on clothes." It has something about it, difficult to explain, but that line is simply lovely!

Charu said...

@Venice: Awwww...I'm so glad you liked it. Honestly, the thing that makes poetry so special is that we can always interpret it in our own way - even in ways the poet might not have thought of! So I'm so glad you liked this one. Thank you!

oh, and the sequins line? It happened to be the one I was hesitant about including.But I'm glad to hear it's your favourite :)