Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting over surprises

And the first surprise is: I haven't abandoned the blog! So,, here goes...nothing. I have no idea what to say. Me, super responsible and conscientious, have not been near blogosphere for almost 4 months. Properly ashamed am I for those who have missed me. You are all very kind. But after getting no comments on my last post, I was convinced that no one missed me and a short absence would go unnoticed. Only trouble was, the short absence became much longer than intended. Believe me, college life, especially with the semester system is more busy than carefree for students (movies really do exaggerate the "fun" of college life)

So yes, I do have many things about college I would love to share. In fact, I'd even made a list of things which surprised me about college. Now when I look back at it, I've been more of an old fashioned person than I thought.

1. Teachers wearing jeans and...being young - Guess my old fashioned mind is too used to seeing my teachers in salwar kameez and sari. But after seeing my teachers like this, sometimes with chic tops too, I had to cheer them on!

2. Calculators in the exams - I cannot even describe how truly happy I felt when we were told in class that we would be allowed to use calculators even in our maths exam. I felt like squealing the news to everyone that day. My source of happiness was of course that I would no longer make silly mistakes in calculations. It is true they compensated for this by giving tougher calculations, but at least my answers have a better chance of being right ;)

3. Girls choosing to go to the library for the fiction and study - Once again I was ecstatic at discovering that many girls of my class read novels with interest and preferred the library. I saw girls sitting in our common room and just reading by themselves in their free periods. Finally, it is not unfashionable for me to have my nose in a book!

4. Elections - Since politics was never very interesting to me, I've become quite used to knowing just a little bit about the more prominent politicians. And anyone would agree with me that here the males outnumber the females. So it was quite a surprise for me when a senior walked into my class in the days preceding the elections and began making all kinds of promises to every one of our college societies. There was actually canvassing going around me with all the "Vote ___" badges going around, seniors telling us to vote for people in our own department and often, candidates dropping in to tell us all about themselves and what they would do.

Right now I'm enjoying holidays after my semester exams. I'll sign off now. I don't promise to be regular, but I promise to come back a couple of times before the end of the year :)


Sharmada Nagarajan said...

hav fun:)
nd yea, u r excatly right about college....phew!!! rely hectic:(

Charu said...

Thanks Vivarjitha! Both for dropping by and for commenting!

Oh yes, it's hectic. So glad to have holidays from that now :)

Baba Vaniteshwar said...

Amen sistah :D

Baba Vaniteshwar said...

College has been full of surprises :)

Charu said...

:D :D :D And that's probably just the tip of the iceberg. Let another semester go by!

Venice said...

Ahh.. college days! They were the most memorable period of my life. Mine wasn't very hectic - it was the right mix of fun and learning :) Enjoy!