Monday, August 20, 2012


Just 5 remarkable college experiences:

1. Interacting with Celebrities - The students of SRCC organised 'Youth Conference 2012'. I got to hear and ask questions from people like Suhel Seth (a political commentator, among many other things), Ajay Chaturvedi (who initiated the innovative rural project 'harva') and the one whom many of the girls came for (!) Gaurav Kapoor (actor, VJ, RJ...). It was so nice to see that celebrities are ordinary people like us and to imagine that we could reach the same level too.

2. Dealing with Disappointment - I didn't clear the second rounds of the debating or western music society auditions. And the Indian music one was a fiasco as well. But what I've learned it - there are some times when you just have to accept that things didn't work out the way you wanted. Accept that and move on, and keep believing that things will be better soon.

3. The endless stream of opportunities - At least five new posters clamour for my attention when I enter college everyday. Numerous competitions, placement announcements, offers to be campus ambassadors for companies and "vote for ___" are the posters on every noticeboard. It feels strange to realize that so much was going on in the world while we were caught up with school! Sometimes the world feels bigger than before and sometimes it feels smaller ;)

4. The difficulty of getting back to studies - The teachers are teaching, the students are taking notes...but how many are actually studying? It's a difficult question to answer. Perhaps it's because there isn't the closeness of school or maybe because nobody wants to be seen as a geek, but nobody is really discussing their study patterns or methods. It gives a false sense of security to think that if everyone else is planning to manage without studies, maybe you can too. But just as I start to relax, I remember one thing: most of the students in my class are science and commerce students who actually managed to cross those high cutoffs. No doubt there are lots of 'chhupe rustams' among them!

5. Strangers are not so bad - I had my first metro and bus rides alone and also my first few days in college, all in the company of complete strangers. But I was surprised by how nice some of them are. Many of my college seniors and the random passengers I met on the bus were so nice that I felt silly for being nervous about talking to them!

I wrote in my last post - "...going back to regular studies again, especially with every teacher sternly repeating that this is "College and not school", is a little jarring. The syllabus seems simple but the teachers teach it as if it's a jack-in-the-box and some horrific thing is going to pop out soon. The syllabus is the least of anyone's concerns however, when everyone is still making friends and griping about the weather. We're all really hoping that time speeds up so we can reach and experience the "fun" things that college is supposed to be about."

Guess "the fun" is here ! 

p.s. keep smiling :)  

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