Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beginning again

Words and feelings that would pour out into the conscious world have retreated, scared away by the interruptions, rituals and expectations of the man made system (exams!). The page glances at me coolly and says, "I have no expectations from you. I give you no help. Whatever you have ever done was by you yourself." My pen sees me with reproach. It is full of resentment at my neglect. It questions my optimism. 
But all I can think is , "Old feelings can be revived and new words can be practiced. It is only ever the heart, not the pen, which runs dry ".

Restarting writing was harder than I thought. Darn! I'd hoped to make my comeback with a nice piece of writing. But I'm fed up of waiting for inspiration to strike or the 'mood' to hit. I'll just hope that the quote " Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking" is right.

Nothing particularly exciting from my end. I've spent time returning to one of my favorite hobbies: reading novels! And I got a great start when a friend lent me "Palace of Illusions". I've also spent some time messing around with my new phone: A blackberry 9860.

School is now over of course and my batch is waiting for the results of board exams. And that's not to mention the preparation we're all putting into entrance tests for Law, management, mass comm., hotel management, english and more from many different universities. To all student who are working hard right now, I say "salaam!" It takes some strength of mind to move straight from board exams - the time we were all looking forward to - to entrance exams, which feel even more tough!

Can't think of anything creative or witty for now. But I'll be back soon! I distinctly remember that in February, I was trying to convince myself that there is a life beyond board exams ;)

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