Friday, March 25, 2011

A new poem called Blank

I haven't written much lately. So when I came up with this, I thought I'd put it up here!


A blank white page or a clean slate
Is an endless void, but a certain fate
No matter how long it lies unseen
It will be used someday
Whether chewed by mice or thrown in trash
Whether to face a firm, strong hand
That page has a destiny to fulfil like everything else
They why, oh why, should it capture our thoughts
And force us to dwell on it in some form ?
Whether we consider a real page or the vague future
We consider a simple, large void of nature
A plain mystery like any other
Open to a million dazzling avenues of thought
But equally open the the unpleasant, the avoided, the unthought
It has a potential not open to debate
For it simply, uncompromisingly exists
We are powerless to its power
And ignorant to our own
For our hands have the power to give shape and meaning to the void
To light our path in the darkness until we're not scared of it anymore
We don't have to fear the darkness or our own weaknesses
For while the path of learning is never easy
When the student is ready, the teacher is there


Hoping for your feedbacks :)


Vanita said...


Charu said...

Thanks Vanita :)

Vivarjitha said...

awesome...liked it very much!!!
how were ur results...mine was announced on only said one relaxing word-"promoted"!!!
gud luck!!!

Charu said...

@Vivajitha: Thank you Vivarjitha! I'm glad you liked it.

My results were good and I'm reasonably happy with them.

Good luck to you too :)