Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Remya's tag: 50 random things about me

Yay! My first tag where I can respond on my blog. I have to write down 50 random things about me. Am not really sure it'll turn out, but it's worth a try. So here goes...

  1. I tend to do all my worrying about things before hand, that is before they even happen.
  2. I remember many of my dreams
  3. I get moody occasionally
  4. I want to travel the whole world
  5. I love to debate. 
  6. I wish I could paint, but I'm not really good at it... 
  7. ...but at least I'm good at copying diagrams in biology.
  8. I LOVE reading
  9. I want to learn some of the classical European dances like the Waltz, Ballroom and Ballet
  10. I don't use my I-pod and  don't have a laptop. 
  11. I write long emails
  12. I'm not a member on any social networking site (barring the flixster account I never use) according to wikipedia's list of social networking sites here
  13. I enjoy considering different points of view
  14. When I sing or dance, I love to think I'm on a stage
  15. I enjoy "reading" people
  16. Sherlock Holmes is my favourite detective
  17. A quiz once told me that my biggest question in life is "Am I having fun?". I agree.
  18. I want to try out every adventure sport I can.
  19. I love updating the programs on my computer to newer versions
  20. I enjoy reading my horoscope through different methods (is that correct?): sun signs, moon signs, tarot, numerology etc.
  21. I tend to be a bit of a purist when I see books made as movies  
  22. I used to be an introvert. Though I used to feel bad at the time, now I think it was a good thing.
  23. I enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, badminton, uno etc.
  24. I love reading sarcasm, irony and witty replies in books. 
  25. Yes, I'm halfway there!!! ( And hopefully, you'll still be reading :) )
  26. I have fussy tastes in food, clothing and music. Or so I'm told ;)
  27. When I get lost in a fantasy book, I really don't like having to return to reality.
  28. I tend to worry about how I look to other people and what they think of me
  29. I love photography.
  30. People tell me I try too many things at once
  31. I think I have an absolutely rubbish sense of humour
  32. I think one should balance being alone and having company
  33. I'm an Aries
  34. I often become restless when I have nothing to do
  35. When something becomes very popular/famous/sensational, I tend to be even more sceptical about whether I would like it (until I've tried it out myself)  
  36. I can be very indecisive at times
  37. I'm old fashioned in many things
  38. NOT sure what to write next :|
  39. patar patar patar - makes me laugh hysterically (!)
  40. I don't like so called "fashionable" clothes that one can hardly wear off the ramp or carpet
  41. I think self awareness and consciousness in general are very important
  42. I prefer winter to summer and spring to winter
  43. I think there are analogies for everything everywhere...
  44. ...therefore I believe the mind sees what it chooses to see
  45. I have a habit of monitoring myself, to see how I've changed and whether it was good for me.
  46. I don't like being stereotyped
  47. Red is my favourite colour
  48. I can be a bit of a drama queen
  49. I love my family, nature, books, music and many other things (which I can't remember right now)
  50. I'm EXTREMELY happy I'm finished
I honestly hope you enjoyed reading this list. It's probably not as funny as I would have liked, but whatever. 

Oh, and I tag Vivarjitha,  Choco and Vintage Obsession. 


Remya said...

That nicely summed you up :)
Pretty precise yaa..oh and thanks fr the link to tht wikipedia page...I never thot of checkng wikipedia out fr something like tht..
Ur unique.. :)
Take care and keep writing :)

Charu said...

Glad you enjoyed it :)

nil said...

Sorry was out of town,so been irregular. am back now!
Waiting for more! :)

nil said...

And I agree with Remya. :)

Thousif Raza said...

goo to know a lil more abt you... cool tag yaar :)

take care and keep writing...........

Charu said...

@Nil: Am happy you liked it :)

@Thousif: Thank you :)