Saturday, March 6, 2010

Untitled poem

It's that special something which motivates us
In our innermost hearts, we wait hoping that we might find it
The perfection which ever accompanies it
will be our aspiration, our ambition, our dream
There's nothing that compares to it
or that feeling of reaching it
Clouds may threaten to block our happiness
But along with their silver linings,
a golden one buoys us up just as much
We might dream of it incessantly
We hope to reach it and receive the rewards that come along
We strive constantly to catch it
And believe our efforts unworthy of any merit if they've failed
We might believe that it's a treasure possessed
by everyone we know except ourselves
But it could take a long time to realize that
everyone may be thinking the same of themselves
All of us seek to reach that magical valley
That pinnacle of pinnacles, and bask in the sunshine
Do we fear failure so much that we must need blame ourselves
for not reaching that which always moves upward?
But do not despair, for it's not a stationary thing
In restlessness, it does not wait for us to seek it out
It moves and travels all around us
Truly beautiful, it hides in our lives in humble guise
If we are wise to its ways,
we might even catch a glimpse of it and feel blessed
That things are fine just the way they are
It only remains for us to realise that it's right there,
waiting for us to find it
The ideal
                         - Charu

(  Note: Actually, the poem is called 'The Ideal', but I just wanted to keep the suspense till the end. Please do tell me what you think!  )


Vivarjitha said...

very impressive....i luv writing poems too

Charu said...

@Vivarjita: Thank you! And welcome to my blog!

Queenmatrai said...

The Queen was here :)

Charu said...

@Queenmatrai: thanks :)

nil said...

Lady,you're one writer!

Excellent. Simply.

"All of us seek to reach that magical valley
That pinnacle of pinnacles, and bask in the sunshine"

you spoke my thoughts out so beautifully.......
Bravo bravo!!!!

Well done,charu! Well done!!

Charu said...

@Nil: Yay, you finally commented!
I'm sooooo glad you liked it. Thanks!

Remya said...

"It hides in our lives in a humble guise"
"Do we fear failure so much...."
The Ideal.
Ver well written...these lines were the ones which struck me. Beautiful.
P.S.: I'm sorry I'm commenting late :)
Promise will try to be more regular. Take care :)

Charu said...

@Remya: Yay, you finally commented!
Am glad you liked the poem :) Thanks a lot!